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We have been in our new home for about 7 months. We love it! We have many projects we are working on. 20161119_08232920161026_17021120161026_16391620160918_13133320160918_13133020160918_13114120160918_131048



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This is the 3rd time I have seen a hummingbird in my yard after 16 years of living here. While outside trying to get pictures of the wrens leaving the nest I turned around and saw the hummingbird! So glad I had my camera in my hand. I have created  hummingbird and butterfly gardens and finally they are showing up. I was able to catch a picture but its not the greatest. I just snapped away and hoped I caught it in the lens. I have tried unsuccessfully to get a picture before but its so fast! It is near the bottom of the pictures. I’m so happy!! P1000977 P1000978

Yearly Visitors – Wrens

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This is the fourth year in a row these little birds have made a nest in one of my plants on my back porch. I tried getting a close up of the eggs in the nest but mama was none to happy about that. If you look closely you can see the eggs. I will try to get a better picture when mama isn’t around. There are five eggs. This is her being being protective and letting me know she was not happy with me being close to her nest. P1000550 P1000553 P1000554

Did you know…..?

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If ants have made a home in your potted plants, sprinkle cinnamon in the pot and they will go away.

No show…

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After hours of sitting of outside waiting my elusive hummingbird failed to make an appearance today. I first saw him Tuesday afternoon and again on Wednesday. I haven’t seen him since. I really hope he returns. I went out this morning and bought three new plants that hummingbirds love to add to the collection. Hopefully that will entice him to return and maybe even bring some friends. I did have a lot of butterfly activity though.