Chickens and Ducks

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It’s been almost 4 months that we got chicks and ducklings. The ducklings were an impulse buy, they were just too cute! Watching them all grow and have their own personalities has been quite entertaining. There were chicken coops on our property when we bought it so that is one thing we didn’t have to do, although after seeing how attached I became to them and how many birds of prey we have visit our yard my hubby built a large run since we don’t feel comfortable letting them free range. I do want to remodel the inside of the coop now since the ducks are so attached to the chickens they refuse to sleep in their own house now and sleep with the chickens instead. Here are some pictures from day 1 until now. Meet Hilda, Lucy, Ethel, Loretta, Wilma and Betty. And the ducks George (white, she is female) and Maggie.20161210_161101IMAG0328IMAG0353IMAG0468IMAG0497IMAG0505IMAG0592IMAG0549IMAG0706IMAG0744IMAG0763IMAG0835IMAG0846IMAG0877IMAG1210IMAG1256IMAG1499IMAG1551



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Seeing the wildlife around our home never gets old. We have barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, bald eagles, hawks and several other bird species. We have also seen deer but haven’t had to opportunity to get a picture yet. To sit on our back porch and watch the owls and listen to their calls is amazing.

Saint Augustine, FL. (and a ghost!)

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Right after Christmas we took a trip to Saint Augustine for a few days. It was very interesting but very crowded. I guess the holiday season wasn’t a good time for a visit. Parking was a mess! We didn’t see everything so I guess I return trip is in order. We did have a “paranormal” experience in our hotel room though. At 3:22 am the coffee pot came on and started brewing a cup of coffee. It wasn’t one that could be set on a timer, just had an on/off switch. Very creepy! When we returned home and I was looking over the pictures I took, there was one of my husband at the old Jail, next to him is what looks like

it was interesting. We didn’t “see” anything but most of the pictures we took outside have orbs in them. It was a nice trip.

Mead Botanical Gardens

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It’s been a while since I last posted but I have been exploring some places around town. That’s the good thing about central Florida, there is always something to do. My son and I went here a few weeks ago and it was just awesome. He is 14 and even he loved it. I got a really good close ups of a pileated woodpecker, one of my most favorite birds. They did shy away from us and we spent a lot of time just observing them. P1000992 P1000999 P1010003 P1010001 P1010007 P1010009 P1010013 P1010016 P1010019 P1010034 P1010037 P1010056 P1010069 P1010092

Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area – Orlando, FL.

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We decided to take a trip out here yesterday since we have never been. I managed to get a few pictures before it started pouring down rain. Its a nice area with a lot of hiking trails. P1000925 P1000926 P1000943 P1000942 P1000935 P1000934 P1000929

The babies have left the nest

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The baby wrens came out the nest for the first time today. Mama and daddy bird led them away. How neat! I am so blessed to get to witness this. From the very begining watching them build the nest to leading them away. This is the 4th year in a row these birds have come to my porch and built a nest in my plant. P1000955 P1000967 P1000969 P1000970

Orlando Science Center

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We haven’t been in years. A lot has changed. They are still doing a lot of construction. We mainly checked out the dinosaur exhibit. My youngest is 14 and the center is geared more towards younger children but it was still fun.

P1000880 P1000883 P1000894 P1000889 P1000905