Chickens and Ducks

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It’s been almost 4 months that we got chicks and ducklings. The ducklings were an impulse buy, they were just too cute! Watching them all grow and have their own personalities has been quite entertaining. There were chicken coops on our property when we bought it so that is one thing we didn’t have to do, although after seeing how attached I became to them and how many birds of prey we have visit our yard my hubby built a large run since we don’t feel comfortable letting them free range. I do want to remodel the inside of the coop now since the ducks are so attached to the chickens they refuse to sleep in their own house now and sleep with the chickens instead. Here are some pictures from day 1 until now. Meet Hilda, Lucy, Ethel, Loretta, Wilma and Betty. And the ducks George (white, she is female) and Maggie.20161210_161101IMAG0328IMAG0353IMAG0468IMAG0497IMAG0505IMAG0592IMAG0549IMAG0706IMAG0744IMAG0763IMAG0835IMAG0846IMAG0877IMAG1210IMAG1256IMAG1499IMAG1551


Country Living

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We have been in our new home for about 7 months. We love it! We have many projects we are working on. 20161119_08232920161026_17021120161026_16391620160918_13133320160918_13133020160918_13114120160918_131048

A new home

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Its been about 7 months that we have lived in our new home in Geneva, Florida. Its only 30 minutes from our previous house but seems a world away. We are now surrounded by woods. Its like living in our own nature park. We have 5 acres of pure country. I have many nature pictures I will be posting shortly. We get a lot of barred owls, woodpeckers and other birds. Not to mention I now have chickens and ducks!!

Saint Augustine, FL. (and a ghost!)

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Right after Christmas we took a trip to Saint Augustine for a few days. It was very interesting but very crowded. I guess the holiday season wasn’t a good time for a visit. Parking was a mess! We didn’t see everything so I guess I return trip is in order. We did have a “paranormal” experience in our hotel room though. At 3:22 am the coffee pot came on and started brewing a cup of coffee. It wasn’t one that could be set on a timer, just had an on/off switch. Very creepy! When we returned home and I was looking over the pictures I took, there was one of my husband at the old Jail, next to him is what looks like

it was interesting. We didn’t “see” anything but most of the pictures we took outside have orbs in them. It was a nice trip.

Some new dolls

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I have been busy sewing up some dolls for sale and for donations to the Guardian ad Litem kids. I love making these, they are so fun. I will be working on some tote bags this week.