Some new dolls

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I have been busy sewing up some dolls for sale and for donations to the Guardian ad Litem kids. I love making these, they are so fun. I will be working on some tote bags this week.


Quiet Book

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I decided to start on another quiet book. This time for a girl. I made a few boy ones for my friends little boy months ago and he still drags them out and plays with them. I made the felt “paper doll” for the dress up page. I usually sew the faces on and something made me use fabric marker on her. Not sure if I like it. She may be a do over. But its a start. felt paper foll

Feeling a bit discouraged today

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I have not worked in a year now. After getting laid off from a law firm that I had worked at as a receptionist for only one month I just couldn’t bring myself to go back into the work force. I do volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem. But other than that I’m not doing much. Yes, I keep my house clean and family fed which I am so blessed to be able to do because my incredible loving husband is fine with me not working if that’s what makes me happy. And it does. But something is missing. I just don’t know what. My children are older. My oldest recently moved out on his own. He is 20. My youngest is 14 and about to start high school. They are such great kids. I never had any of the “teenage  years” that everyone talks about. Yet. I don’t think I will. My youngest helps me out in so many ways. Helps me organize and clean. Even goes plant and craft shopping with me! I had planned on selling my softies and quiet books on Etsy. I have a store but have only 2 items and I don’t get a lot of traffic. I usually end up making something and giving it away to someone I think will love it or a family member. I have so many ideas of things I want to make but to have them pile up and not be able to sell them is quite discouraging. I love making them. We are pet sitting my sons friends guinea pigs and I actually made them a bed. I guess I’m getting desperate. They really liked it though. So basically I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. I guess I will sleep on it. Maybe something will come to me in my sleep.

Another finished project

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I think this little guy is just the cutest! I finished him last night.

Peter the Pirate
Peter the Pirate

Some new items

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I will be adding these items to my store soon. If I don’t start selling these my husband will make me fin

Felt Girl Monkey - $15.00
Felt Girl Monkey – $15.00
Black Hair Itty Bitty Baby - $7.00
Black Hair Itty Bitty Baby – $7.00
Blond Itty Bitty Baby - $ 8.00
Blond Itty Bitty Baby – $ 8.00
Mermaid Doll - $25.00
Mermaid Doll – $25.00

d a new hobby!! Only kidding. I thought I’d share before I actually list them.

The things a mother does

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evil minionAfter making my nephew the minion my son decided he wanted an evil minion. So off to hobby lobby I went this morning in search of materials. I couldn’t find what I wanted for the hair so I just settled on yarn. Only took a few hours and I made it up as I went along. He was happy with it.

Finally Finished!

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With my nephews Minion. I think he came out pretty good. I didn’t get anything else accomplished today but he will be happy. minion