Some new dolls

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I have been busy sewing up some dolls for sale and for donations to the Guardian ad Litem kids. I love making these, they are so fun. I will be working on some tote bags this week.


Quiet Book

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I decided to start on another quiet book. This time for a girl. I made a few boy ones for my friends little boy months ago and he still drags them out and plays with them. I made the felt “paper doll” for the dress up page. I usually sew the faces on and something made me use fabric marker on her. Not sure if I like it. She may be a do over. But its a start. felt paper foll

Some new items

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I will be adding these items to my store soon. If I don’t start selling these my husband will make me fin

Felt Girl Monkey - $15.00
Felt Girl Monkey – $15.00
Black Hair Itty Bitty Baby - $7.00
Black Hair Itty Bitty Baby – $7.00
Blond Itty Bitty Baby - $ 8.00
Blond Itty Bitty Baby – $ 8.00
Mermaid Doll - $25.00
Mermaid Doll – $25.00

d a new hobby!! Only kidding. I thought I’d share before I actually list them.

The things a mother does

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evil minionAfter making my nephew the minion my son decided he wanted an evil minion. So off to hobby lobby I went this morning in search of materials. I couldn’t find what I wanted for the hair so I just settled on yarn. Only took a few hours and I made it up as I went along. He was happy with it.