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Seeing the wildlife around our home never gets old. We have barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, bald eagles, hawks¬†and several other bird species. We have also seen deer but haven’t had to opportunity to get a picture yet. To sit on our back porch and watch the owls and listen to their calls is amazing.


Mead Botanical Gardens

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It’s been a while since I last posted but I have been exploring some places around town. That’s the good thing about central Florida, there is always something to do. My son and I went here a few weeks ago and it was just awesome. He is 14 and even he loved it. I got a really good close ups of a pileated woodpecker, one of my most favorite birds. They did shy away from us and we spent a lot of time just observing them.¬†P1000992 P1000999 P1010003 P1010001 P1010007 P1010009 P1010013 P1010016 P1010019 P1010034 P1010037 P1010056 P1010069 P1010092